New Program for Moms at CFS!

It goes without saying that pregnancy is a period of enormous change for women. The way you feel, the way you look, organs are bunched up and moved out of the way while you grow an actual human being inside of you. It’s mind-blowing, really. And it’s also a well-known phenomenon; something that’s talked about, advertised, compared, photographed, coveted and looked forward too. So, although you are undergoing this massive transformation over a ten-month period, there are all sorts of resources and support systems in place; educational classes for expecting mothers, yoga programs, your midwife/OB, and friends and family members who have experienced it themselves, to name a few. It’s what comes

Prioritize Your Health

Health is often taken for granted until you are sick or hurt, and then you’ll do anything to get healthy again. By being a member of CrossFit Simsbury, you have already taken a big step towards prioritizing your fitness. But overall health often involves factors not at the gym as well. We all have goals, that’s a given. The specifics range widely. Some are trying to climb the corporate ladder. Or maybe it’s to finish their first marathon or PR their back squat. For others, it may be to write their first book or to travel around Europe. Whatever the goal is, one thing is for certain; you need to be WELL to achieve it. It requires you showing up as the best version of yourself, day in

Dealing with an injury

^ Injured knee? Good time for bench gains! Let’s face it – injuries happen. It does not matter if you are doing CrossFit, training for a 5k or a marathon, going for a hike on a Sunday, or spelunking in Peru… any activity has a chance for injury. Injuries do not have to derail your fitness though. Here are a few thoughts: 1 – Its all about your mentality Positivity is contagious. That’s why so many love coming to CrossFit Simsbury so much – its filled with positive people and positive emotions. You feel better just by being here. So bring that injured body of yours to the box, and do what you can. Injured shoulder from rock climbing? Come to the box and train legs. Injured leg from

Mind Games in Fitness

Yesterdays workout was, in my opinion, a top 10 workout. I want to break down the mental aspects of the workout and give some tips for next time we do it. ^ Owner and Head Coach Rob Olson learning to utilize the power of positivity during some challenging tasks To refresh: “Power Clean Pit Stop” 100 Power Cleans for time. PLUS, every 2 minutes, starting at 0:00, run 2 laps. Rx: 135/95, 2 laps (320m) L2: 95/65, 2 lightpost and back (200m) L1: 65/35, 1 lightpost and back (100m) The average time to complete the wod was right around 20 minutes. If you scaled the run shorter, or the power cleans lighter, you may have finished around 15 minutes. If you scaled the run longer, or the power clean

3 Tips for Better Pullups

May is PULLUP month at CrossFit Simsbury! Whether you can already do a strict bodyweight pullup or are still working towards it, the goal is to increase our pulling ability with our upper body. Typically you might see upper body pulling once or twice a week in CrossFit. During May however, you will see it three times a week on average. Here are 3 quick tips to improve your pullups! Back muscles, not arms! Typically the muscles of the mid and upper back are underdeveloped in new athletes, and for good reason. These are not muscles we use in everyday life. Therefore, we must make the mind-muscle connection to use the correct muscles at the right time. What I’m referring to is using your



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