The Infinite Game of CrossFit

When you look at CrossFit from the lens of the infinite game, decisions you make day to day become much easier. In a finite game the athlete will look at a score or the ability to hit the Rx button, but does that mean he or she is getting the most of out the hard work they are putting in? In an infinite game the athlete is looking to stay physically able and outlive everyone else at the same time. So how does this translate to day to day decisions at the gym? Lets be realistic, the majority of the crossfit community worldwide is not in the business of competition. What I mean by that is, your ability to squat more or move faster through a workout does not help you put more food on the table.

Excuses-We All Make Them...

When it comes to nutrition, what excuses do you find yourself using that derail efforts to stay on track? A common one I hear is; “It’s just hard to stay consistent…” It’s true; making healthy choices on a consistent basis and staying on track with your health and wellness goals IS hard. It is ok to feel this way. However, rather than staying stuck with these excuses, I have a challenge for you. If you find yourself making this excuse, make a list of the things that are hard. It may look something like this: Losing weight Meal prepping and working out on a consistent basis - longer than a month Logging/tracking your food Doing strength sessions Staying committed to long-term

Introducing! Goal Setting & Review Sessions

This is a big announcement, and one I am very excited to finally share. Many come to CrossFit Simsbury for its Coaching. We program the workouts, we show you how to execute the workout and relay the intended stimulus, and we help correct movement patterns during the workout. This is all good stuff, but it is not enough. I have noticed there is room for more. If the in-class Coaching is the “micro” level, I want CrossFit Simsbury to provide more “macro” level coaching. Let me explain it another way: In-Class Coaching is like a GPS telling you to turn right in 100ft. Its short, its actionable, its immediate. Goal Setting is programming the GPS to take you to your destination. Its big-pictur



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