Protect those hands! But how?

If you've done CrossFit for any length of time, you know that your hands can take a beating! From pullups to ring rows to kettlebell swings to anything with a barbell, the hands are busy. There are probably dozens of companies vying for your dollars to protect your hands, but which is best? Here is my rundown: My #1 Bear Komplex Rich Froning Edition $45 Pros: These guys will have your hands sticking to the pullup bars like glue! Cons: I do not really enjoy them for anything else. Some people do use them for barbell work, I prefer to take them off or slide them around (so they are still connected to my wrist but not on my palm). Other items I've tried but did not like: Wodies $39 Pros: Ha

New Service - Prepare with PT

Crossfit is designed for everyone and every body. That is the genius of our sport - everyone has the ability to participate in Crossfit as a method of developing a strong body which is prepared for whatever life throws its way. As good as Crossfit is and as good as our coaching is at CFS, injuries do still happen on our journey to this general physical preparedness - and that is because every body is slightly different. Every body has the potential to complete most if not all of the movements that Crossfit demands but because everyone has had different experiences on their road to Crossfit, each body may require some preparation on an individual level in order to complete Crossfit type move

Check the Wod, Or Just Show Up?

Before coming to class ... do you check the wod? Or do you just show up? If you do check, what do you do with that information? Lets discuss. First, it is important to know that CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, done at relative high intensity. The key here for today's discussion is constantly varied. This means that each day brings a unique workout that will place a unique demand/stress on your body (in a good way) and that will result in becoming more fit. A key distinction is that workouts are constantly varied - not random. Movements, weights, volume, and intensity are all carefully chosen and woven together week by week. This means that consistent, regular atten

Intro to the Ski Erg

CrossFit Simsbury just purchased 3 new Ski Ergs! You will see these at the far end of the gym, bolted to the wall. Here is a quick rundown on what they are, how to use them, and why you want to use it! What is it? The machine is made by the same company that makes the rowers - C2 - so you will see a lot of familiarity! It is a machine that replicates the movement of Nordic Cross Country Skiing. It is a full body low impact way of working out. How do you use it? What muscles does it use? As you can see from this illustration - pretty much every muscle! The big ones worth noting and where you will probably feel it most: Abs Lats (back muscles) Triceps You will see these in some workouts com



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