The Mind-Muscle Connection

The Mind-Muscle what? Yep. The Mind-Muscle connection. It's a real thing. And it's the biggest thing you can do to both exponentially increase your gains and reduce injuries! If you want to read a whole bunch of science about acetylcholine, neuromuscular junctions, and synapses ... then go here. If you want the non-science version, read on! Picture these scenarios in your head: A) You do a workout with a whole bunch of squats. What muscles are sore? Is it your quads (front of your leg) or your hamstrings and butt (back side)? B) You do a bunch of pullups or ring rows. What is more sore, your biceps or your back? C) You do a bunch of bench press. What is more sore, your arms or your ches

Scaling Terminology Update

Scaling the Scaling: For years, CrossFit Simsbury has used the Rx/L2/L1 format to help members choose what scaling they should do during a WOD. It has always been effective, but now we find that it is getting outdated and is in need of some changes. We all come to CFS for different reasons, and those reasons shape our goals. Lose weight, build muscle, get stronger/faster, just be healthy and move, etc. Your approach to workouts should reflect these goals. If you want to lose weight, intensity is the key; more intensity = more work done = more calories burned. If you want to get stronger, pushing the weight a little more will help you get there. The point is, we as coaches want to help you re

Improve your squat form with these 5 tips for your ankles

If there were data on the most popular Crossfit workouts of the year a safe guess for the winner would be a day with heavy back squats. What is more fun than loading up a bunch of weight on your back, dropping down low, grunting your way back up, and high-fiving your friends after hitting a new PR? Beside the grunting and the lifting belt what else can you do to improve your squat? Have you considered giving your ankles some attention? When working our way down into that deep back squat, or any type of squat for that matter, we don't usually feel the limitation at our ankles. We usually feel the stiffness or limitation at our hips, back, or knees. But for some of us, believe it or not, it c

How to get the best results from CrossFit

Results. We all want them - it's why we signed up in the first place! And those results are unique to each of us. Some want to lose fat; some want to gain muscle; some want to lose fat and gain muscle; some want to get off blood pressure medication; some just want to be able to keep up with their grand-kids; some just moved to town and want to make friends with like interests ... The list goes on and on. So ... how do you get the BEST results from CrossFit? It's not about intensity. It's not about lifting weights. It's not about the score. It's about being consistent. Consistency matters most. The consistent habit of prioritizing your physical and mental health is what gets results, reg

Rx or Scale? Coach JP's take

As you read this, know that I’m writing this fresh after a workout that I did not scale appropriately. I’ve been doing CrossFit for over six years now and yes I still am learning. Sometimes I push my limits, because, with progress those limits change. On occasion I believe it’s ok to say to yourself before a workout, “ok, I’m not totally sure I can do this, but, let’s give it a shot”. Keeping in mind that if my form goes then it’s time to scale back. Honestly, how else can you test to see if you’ve advanced your fitness then to push past your limits on occasion? The keys being “form” and “ on occasion”. Keep your form and therefore not compromise your body. If you mess yourself up for



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