The Importance of Mobility

^ Sunday Mobility Class @ 11am! You will often hear a coach talk about “mobilizing”, but what does that really mean and why is it so important in fitness? If we look past using mobility as more than just a way to cool down or recover post WOD, we can actually see that it has many important effects during our workouts and everyday life. The most common thing that coaches see is athletes that cannot get into proper position when doing movements. They struggle to get the bar locked out overhead or can’t quite get enough depth in their squat. The big red flag with this is that athletes whose bodies are not capable of certain positions will try to “force” their way into it. Proper mobility will a

Dumbbells & Diapers - Why You Need This Program Postpartum

Postpartum lasts forever. Which is why it’s especially concerning that we live in a society that glamorizes this rush back to the “pre-baby body” and getting right back to your normal routine. No two birth experiences are the same, so no two postpartum healing timelines will be identical. That being said, whether you had a challenging pregnancy/labor/delivery and are feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck, or it went perfectly according to plan and you’re feeling fantastic, you need to spend time restoring your core. Before we get into why, let’s talk about your core. Most often people hear “core” and think: 6 pack. While, yes, these 6-pack muscles do contribute to your core, they are only

Upgrade Your Rest Days

Rest days. They're just days you don't workout, right? I write this blog as I myself continue to redefine what it means to me. We all go through a different learning process, and each of us are in different phases of our fitness journey. I've been active my whole life, doing CrossFit for 10+ years now while dabbling in triathlons and ultra-marathons. I'm 34 years old with two kids and one more on the way. With age comes wisdom, right? Well according to this blog anyways, its more like with age and technology come wisdom. I use a Whoop, which is a wearable tech that measures your sleep & activity and gives you a "recovery" score. You can read more about it in my blogs HERE, HERE and HE

A Coaches Story - Nick Shea

* Part 1 of a new series "A Coaches Story". Hear how the Coaches at CFS came to start CrossFit and how it has brought them to where they are today * Everybody comes to CrossFit for a reason, maybe it is to lose weight or to gain muscle. There are also plenty that believe in the myth that you “need to be in shape before starting CrossFit”, and never join. Since I just hit my 4 year anniversary here at CFS I figured I would use myself as a quick example to set the record straight. I started CrossFit like most people do, I signed up for the Prep Course and nervously made my way inside for my first class. At that time in my life, health was not a priority. In fact I was probably as far away fro

The New Mobility App on The Block!

First there was "stretching". Then came MobilityWOD and ROMWOD. MobilityWOD was often too technical for everyday CrossFitters, but was great for more advanced athletes. ROMWOD is basically yoga for CrossFitters, which some love and find it a soothing way to stretch on a rest day, while others find boring. Now there is a new kid on the block - GoWOD. I just started my free 14 day trial, and will be using this new program for the month of October and will report back on my mobility gains. Here is a quick breakdown of why this app is different. It starts off by having you take a mobility test. It walks you through step by step, getting measurements on your mobility! It then "customizes" th



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