February 3, 2019

According to an article published in the Bureau of Labor Statistics on March 1 2017 the average person in the US spends 39% of the work day sitting. On the extreme end, jobs such as waiters and waitresses spend only 3.7% however a software developer job averages 90%.


December 27, 2018

When you look at CrossFit from the lens of the infinite game, decisions you make day to day become much easier. In a finite game the athlete will look at a score or the ability to hit the Rx button, but does that mean he or she is getting the most of out the hard work...

December 6, 2017

Crossfit, health, wellness, and fitness are all part of a journey. I use the word journey because some people get in the habit of confusing it with a destination. Your body is a very complex machine that requires constant upkeep and dedication in order to maintain.

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