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Teens Remote Coaching

During the COVID social-distancing, we are offering Teen Remote Coaching at the same membership price.  Remote Coaching is a higher value service that involves greater customization and accountability for the athlete.

If you are interested in keeping, or getting, your teen fit during this time, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

8 Workouts per Month - $119 + tax

16 Workouts per Month - $159 + tax

24 Workouts per Month - $200 + tax


How it works:

We hop on a Zoom call with you and/or your teen to discuss their goals.  Where are they in their fitness journey?  Are they looking to start working out and improve their health? Or are they are varsity athlete looking to get an edge? How much fitness equipment is at home, if any? How many days per week do they want to workout? Once we learn these details, we can begin!  The actual workouts are delivered via an app, with warmups, workouts, and cool downs.  Videos are embedded to show the athletes  how to perform the movements properly.  They can also send a video to their coach of their workout for us to review technique.  The app also has built in messaging so we can get feedback on the workouts - they are always customzied, so there is no guessing on what to do!

Thank you, and stay healthy, and say fit!


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