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If you're interested in learning how to fuel your body properly to reach your ideal body composition or performance goals and/or are in need of a reset after the summer, this SIX week nutrition challenge is for you!


Signing up for the challenge includes: 

- Initial 30 minute goal setting session with nutrition coach & InBody scan/biometrics

- Mid-point check-in: another 30 minute check in with nutrition coach & InBody scan/biometrics

- Final 30 minute follow-up with nutrition coach and final InBody scan/biometrics

- Nutrition handbook

- 1 hour nutrition seminar

- Meal plans

- Grocery shopping lists

- Access to the Fit For Fall Partner Nutrition Challenge Facebook group

- Weekly Facebook Live check-ins 

You read that right; this challenge includes a total of 90 minutes of face to face check ins with your nutrition coach, as well as 3 InBody scans over the course of 6 weeks. 


[All check-ins and InBody scans must be done during the designated times, which you will have access to sign up for once you register. There are no exceptions to this.  Initial check-ins will take place between 9/1-9/6, mid point check-ins between 9/25-10/2, final check-ins between 10/13-10/19.] 


Cost of Nutrition Challenge: 

CFS Members - 2 payments of $79 +tax ($26 per week!)

Non-members - 2 payments of $119 +tax ($40 per week!)

Kick-Off Seminar on 9/7 at 10am. (Attendance at this is highly encouraged and and it is where you will receive all of your challenge materials.) 

SPACE IS LIMITED!  These challenges sell out quickly; grab your spot ASAP!



1. Who is the challenge designed for?

Anyone who wants take control of, prioritize, and kick-start their nutrition.  The challenge is meant to be a starting point to improve your nutrition.  Whether you've done a challenge before and have fallen off the wagon since, OR you've never heard of the word "macronutrient,"- you will benefit from what this challenge has to offer!

2.  I have done a challenge before; should I do one again? 

Great question.  The goal of a challenge is to really jump start your nutrition. We will be focusing on developing healthy habits and behaviors that support long term results. With this in mind - EVERYONE can benefit from a challenge. However, if you've found that you need some increased accountability, you've done a challenge in the past, and you'd prefer more customized meals plans, e-mail to talk about other options.



3.  What kind of nutrition plan will we be following?  

We will be focusing on macronutrients and putting together meals that are made up of the appropriate quantities of each.  

4.  I am a vegetarian/gluten free/dairy free.  Can I still do the challenge? 

Absolutely!  We have meal plans to support these specialty diets.  

5.  I have will be traveling one weekend during the challenge; should I still do it? 

Even more reason to do it!  There is always a trip/vacation/holiday/etc. coming up - learn how to fuel yourself properly so that you have the tools necessary to navigate these scenarios.  

6.  I want to sign-up, but cannot make the kick-off seminar.  Is it mandatory?  

The seminar is not mandatory but you will be missing out if you do not make it. In addition to talking about nutrition foundations and the details of how the challenge will work, this is where you will receive your challenge materials! If you are unable to make it, I will be posting a link to recap all of what I talk and we will make arrangements to get you your materials after the seminar. 

7. I want to sign up, but I don't have a partner!

Grab your friend/husband/cousin/co-worker and join in on the challenge. Everyone will need a partner and this challenge is open to both members & non-members. 

8.  What is the partner for?  What will we do?

In short, they are going to be your accountability partner! More will be explained at the Kickoff Seminar

9. What do the winners get?

They will get $200 cash ($100 each), and they each get 1 month of free on-going nutrition coaching  ($99 value each)!